We’ve been supplying great products and great service since 1941

We’re a whole lot more than just paper at Merchants Paper Company

Hands down the best selection of janitorial and packaging supplies in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario

Our floor-care products keep floors clean and safe (and mothers smiling!)

We work hard anticipating your needs and filling them with the best in supplies and service

We supply products ranging from janitorial and safety supplies to food packaging and industrial packing, but at Merchants Paper Company, service is our number one product. And really, that’s no surprise, as we’ve been specializing in outstanding customer service for decades. Since 1941 to be exact. Each and every one of our orders are delivered with a smile and a “thank you”, as we greatly appreciate your business and trust.

At Merchants Paper Company, we’re dedicated to consistently meeting your product needs and to helping you keep your operation running smoothly. We love what we do and who we do it for. After all, we believe that if we take care of our neighbors, they’ll take care of us. That’s a model that’s been working pretty darn well for more than 70 years now. Learn more about Windsor and Southwestern Ontario’s paper goods supplier.

Building Maintenance

A building can be as complex as the people that use it. So at Merchants Paper Company, we’ve got a versatile product line sure to help you keep your facility in order, no matter how you use it.


If you’re going to ship it, Merchants Paper Company has what you need to pack it. Let us help you minimize the cost of goods damaged in transit. We know a little something about this – we’ve been doing it since 1941.


Let’s face it – there are few things worse than a dirty bathroom. Merchants Paper Company has everything you need to keep your building’s bathrooms clean and sanitary. Even your mother will approve.