From sparkle to shine, we have what’s needed to keep your building in tip-top shape

Building Maintenance

A building can be as complex as the people that use it. So at Merchants Paper Company, we’ve got a versatile product line sure to help you keep your facility in order, no matter how you use it.

Floor Care

With our vast selection of floor-care products, Merchants Paper Company is sure to help you keep any floor clean and safe.

Outdoor Maintenance

There’s another side to those four walls – the one outside. Ensure that your staff and visitors are safe before they even enter your building with our great range of outdoor maintenance items from Merchants Paper Company.


If you’re going to ship it, Merchants Paper Company has what you need to pack it. Let us help you minimize the cost of goods damaged in transit. We know a little something about this – we’ve been doing it since 1941.

Personal Needs

Personally, we’re pretty darn sure that we have the best selection of personal-need products anywhere around and the service to match.


Safety must always come first. At Merchants Paper Company, we’ve got you covered from head to toe when it comes to keeping your crew protected.


Let’s face it – there are few things worse than a dirty bathroom. Merchants Paper Company has everything you need to keep your building’s bathrooms clean and sanitary. Even your mother will approve.


For cleaning your facility or polishing the products that are rolling off your line, Merchants Paper Company has a wide variety of wipers in stock and ready to work hard for you.


Every operation is different. Lucky for you, we’ve been supplying almost every kind of operation there is for more than 70 years now. Rely on our expertise to help you set up your workstations and bring what you need to the exact place that you need it.