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Big or small, paper, plastic, reclosable, VCI, spunbond – we’ve got ’em all. Put us to the test – if you need a bag for it, Merchants has either got it or we’ll find it. We love a challenge, especially ones that help our customers do their job better.

Bundling, Shipping & Packaging

Bubble pack, foam, cushioning materials, pallet wrap, stretch wrap, strapping, banding, staplers, twines, rubber bands, twist ties, cable ties, padded mailers, tissue paper – oh my! We’ve got the supplies to get you wrapped on up and moving securely down the road. Whatever you might be shipping, rest assured, we can help you make sure it gets there the way that it is supposed to.

Film, Papers & Wraps

When it comes to food preparation, we’ve got you covered with all of your film, paper and wrapping needs. From cling film, produce wrap, meat wrap and meat film to poly sheeting, waxed sheets, sulphite, foil rolls, parchment paper counter rolls and freezer rolls – Merchants is ready to help you keep it fresh. Remember – we’ve got you, and your food, covered.

Sponges, Scrapers & Cutters

If it’s a sponge, a scraper or a cutter, we can help you restore that surface to its former glory. At Merchants Paper Company, we have a large selection of steel wool, scouring pads, sponges, scrapers, box cutters and more. Whether you’re wiping down a kitchen counter or prepping an auto body for the paint shop, our experience runs deep. Let us know what you’re looking for – it just might be sitting on our shelf waiting for you.

Tape & Adhesives

Consider Merchants Paper Company for all of your sticky situations. Produce tape, carton sealing tape, packing tape, box tape, gummed tape, water activated tapes, filament tapes, masking tapes, duct tapes, even hot glue – we’ve got adhesive solutions for your most challenging requirements.