We get you what you need right when you need it, sometimes even before

At Merchants Paper Company, we’ve been supplying products ranging from janitorial and safety supplies to food packaging and industrial packing for more than 70 years. We don’t make the products; we make them available, right when you need them – actually, more often than not, before you ever need them.

At Merchants Paper Company, we’re a whole lot more than just paper. We supply a business partnership. Tell us what you need, or let us help you figure it out – then forget about it. Because, when you work with Merchants, from order to delivery, it’s as good as in your supply room.

Our service is a point of pride. As a matter of fact, it’s what we’re all about. More than 70 years of doing right by our customers is a proud legacy and one that keeps them coming back. We like to think of ourselves as your offsite warehouse. Knowing that in doing our best we’re helping you to do your best is our reason for getting out of bed on even the coldest Canadian mornings. Since 1941, we’ve been considered the best in the industry by countless customers – nothing could make us happier than that. Take a minute and learn more about us.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification